Amsbury History
Ray and Michelle would like to welcome both old friends and new to our website. Amsbury’s has been making and designing quality ceramic products since 1969. In the spring of 1969 we not only produced our first son Ryan but also our first clay items.

Michelle was working at a ceramics company loading kilns and helping customers. She started to make her own items and learned to throw on the potter’s wheel. She began to make many items that people were interested in so she decided to start selling them to the public at local shows. She did this for a few years making a variety of items including vases, figurines and windchimes. The windchimes she designed required handmade ceramic beads, that led to making thousands of beads to feed the hungry hordes of Macramé artists that sprang up in the late 60’s. Which later led to making “Love Beads” for the throngs of necklace clad Hippies that populated the early 70’s.

One visit to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1970 led to a lifelong relationship with that institution. After the first year of working both Southern and Norther California Faires, Ray quit his job and joined Michelle making ceramics fulltime, Amsbury Ceramics was born. We have shown at the Southern and Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire continuously since 1971.

The Ceramic Cathedral in our Archive Gallery was inspired by one created by a ceramic sculptor whose work first appeared on the cover of Home Magazine. Making this first piece was so enjoyable we began making other slab constructed pieces, primarily Victorian Houses and castles....

“This is the start of our history, please check back to find out the rest.”

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